Caddo Kiowa Tech Center makes the road safer: Announces much-needed Load Securement Training

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

CKTC students learning proper load securement.

Fort Cobb, OK – July 10, 2015 – “Last year, industry indicated a need for load securement training,” said Superintendent Dennis Ruttman. A need from industry and the fact that the training wasn’t being done elsewhere at the time only solidified his decision to add the training to the Truck Driver Training program at CKTC.

“Load securement training is a small part of all CDL training programs,” continued Ruttman. But after listening to Jeff Wilson who owns Petroleum Services in Woodward, Oklahoma, talk about how many wrecks he has worked and ultimately determined the cause to be unsecure loads, Ruttman knew that load securement training needed to be something a lot more than a small part of the overall training.

“My goal is to make the road safer,” said Wilson. For that reason, his employees are trained extensively on proper load securement. But the reality is that without more emphasis on load securement training in CDL training programs, most loads leave unsecure without anyone the wiser, unless the driver gets stopped by law enforcement or worse, the load comes undone during transport, putting all drivers in harm’s way.

Wilson expressed his concerns to long-time friend Dennis Ruttman, who started looking into adding more comprehensive training on load securement to the Truck Driver Training program at CKTC.

“What I found when I started looking into more in-depth load securement training is that there just isn’t much of that sort of training being done anywhere else,” said Ruttman. “Listening to Jeff, I realized this was a serious flaw in CDL training programs, and wanted to do better for the students leaving CKTC’s Truck Driver Training.”

So, Ruttman sent his TDT staff to Petroleum Services to spend time learning proper load securement at the Woodward facility. They came back equipped with training and curriculum to implement a first-rate load securement training program.

Unlike being a driver who has little to no control on how their cargo is loaded or secured, CKTC TDT students will get the training and knowledge necessary to be safe and confident in transporting cargo. And since proper load securement takes time, it also affects a fleet’s bottom line – even before the load is under way.

This course is designed to educate those responsible for securing loads on over-the-road transportation vehicles and those responsible for enforcement. It covers 49 CFR 393 Subparts 100-136. It includes inspection of tie-down devices, use of tie-down calculators, number of tie-downs required and protection against shifting and falling cargo. An interactive discussion and custom hands-on training of securing loads found in the construction industry is also included. What’s more each worker receives a “Load Securement Card.”

“Good load securement is critical. Customers expect their product to be transported safely and in good condition, and the general public on the road expects to be safe,” explained Dale Lewis, Truck Driver Training Coordinator. “With law enforcement keeping a closer watch and the potential litigation resulting from property damage or injury, it only makes sense to be trained on proper load securement.”

Wilson stressed that educating people on the importance of this type of training is key to safer roads and a better bottom line. He has reported that since starting his work with CKTC, he has received calls from other schools interested in modeling the program underway at Fort Cobb.

For more information contact Dale Lewis at 405-643-3279.

CKTC is located in Fort Cobb, a town in southwest Oklahoma. The center has been in operation for 47 years, serves 14 partner high schools, has an enrollment of 562 adult and high school students and offers 19 programs. Opportunities at CKTC range from business and health to science and transportation trades and include customized workplace training, short-term training and truck driver training.

More information about CKTC is available online at or by calling 405.643.5511.


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